About PKD

Polycystic kidney disease

PKD is a genetic disease passed from generation to generation. It often affects many people in one family and can lead to dependence on dialysis in order to live or the need for a transplant.

It is one of the most common, life-threatening genetic diseases. Those affected are in urgent need of treatments and a cure.

Autosomal recessive polycystic kidney disease (ARPKD) is a rare form of PKD. It strikes one in 20,000 infants and tragically often causes death in the first month of life. For newborns who survive, approximately one-third will need dialysis or a transplant by age 10.

The PKD Foundation is the largest private funder of PKD research. We unite with energetic and compassionate volunteers and supporters across the country to fight this disease.

Our goal is supporting PKD research and creating better lives for those who have been impacted by PKD … and to one day find a cure to end PKD for good.

Our efforts are making a difference.

See how your support is moving things forward.

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