Why Run for PKD?
Of course when you Run for PKD you’ll receive great gear and incentives, a team approach and the opportunity to check a dream off your bucket list. But most participants run for so much more. Through Run for PKD, you’ll directly impact the PKD Foundation’s vision that one day, no one will suffer the full effects of polycystic kidney disease. As you train and race, you’ll give hope to those with PKD. You can read stories of why past and current participants Run for PKD. Why do you Run?

Is there a registration fee?
There is no registration fee, however your participation may include a fundraising commitment. Visit the Choose Your Race section of our site for race specific fundraising details.

How much do I have to fundraise?
Fundraising commitment levels vary by race and range from no commitment to $3,000. Visit the Choose Your Race section of our site for race specific details.

What if I don’t meet my fundraising commitment?
If you participate in a race with a fundraising commitment, you will be asked to provide credit card information upon registration. If you are unable to meet your fundraising commitment by the stated deadline, your card will be charged the difference between your commitment and amount raised.

We don’t like to charge credit cards and don’t do so often! We’ll provide you with tips and support along the way to make your fundraising as easy and successful as possible.

How do I fundraise?
We’ve heard from so many runners that fundraising “was way easier than I thought!” A PKD Foundation staff fundraiser will be with you along the way providing tips, tricks, and individualized strategies to help you be a successful fundraiser through Run for PKD. You’ll probably find that your friends and family are honored to support you as you train and cross the finish line.

I’ve never competed in an endurance event before. Can I Run for PKD?
Yes! Run for PKD is available to participants of all levels and abilities. Some participants compete in their first marathon or half marathon through Run for PKD, while others are seasoned veterans. As with any exercise program, consult your physician before getting started.

Does Run for PKD offer group training runs?
The program currently does not offer group trainings, however we are happy to connect you with other Run for PKD participants in your local community. Contact us to get connected.

I have PKD, can I participate?
Many Run for PKD participants have been diagnosed with PKD or have PKD in their immediate family. As with any exercise program, it is important to consult your nephrologist or physician prior to registering for Run for PKD.

What incentives are included with my participation?
Each race includes a unique incentive package. Visit the Choose Your Race section of this site for more details.

I want to participate in the Your Local Race program. How do I find a race near me? Do I need to inform the race of my participation?
A good tool to find local races near you is available for free on Runner’s World’s website. Once you’ve selected your race, you won’t need to inform the race of your participation in Run for PKD. Simply register with us and you’re set.

Can I purchase Run for PKD gear?
Official Run for PKD gear is available only to those runners who fundraise. You’ll earn a training t-shirt after raising $100 and an official race day singlet after raising $500.

I’d like to participate in a triathlon or other endurance event. Is this possible?
Yes, you can Run for PKD in any endurance event of your choosing. Simply register for Your Local Race to get started.

I’m not a runner but I would like to volunteer with Run for PKD. How can I help?
There are a number of ways you can be involved in Run for PKD if running isn’t your thing:

  1. Our runners need encouragement along the way! Participate in or organize a cheer section on race day. Or, cheer on our runners in the virtual cheer section, #RunforPKD.
  2. Spread the word about Run for PKD. Promotional materials are available for you to share in your local community. You may also tell your friends via social media. Follow Run for PKD on Facebook.

Are donations to a runner and/or team tax deductible?
Donations to the PKD Foundation are deductible to the extent provided by law. For your records, our Tax ID # is 43-1266906.