Fundraising Tips

Get creative with your fundraising

We get it – fundraising sounds tough. But it doesn’t have to be!

Step 1: Start with your own gift
Make sure your supporters know that a treatment and a cure for PKD are important to you by making your own gift, and then asking them to contribute or even match your gift.

Step 2: Reach out to those people closest to you
Start with the people you know will make a donation. Send out individual emails to these folks so you can begin collecting donations on your personal fundraising page. This will give your fundraising effort momentum that will motivate others.

Step 3: Reach out to people impacted by PKD
Identify any of your contacts that have a personal connection to PKD and reach out to them with short, personal emails. The initial progress you’ve made, combined with the personal connection these people have to the cause, should lead most of them to contribute or join your team and begin their own fundraising.

Step 4: Reach out to close friends
Now send a group email to your close friends. These should be people you think are more likely than not to make a donation. Use your personal fundraising page, My HQ, for an email template. Or, create your own email that will link friends directly to your personal fundraising page. With solid progress already established, they’re more likely to want to support your successful effort and help you achieve your personal fundraising goal.

Step 5: Make your general appeals
Now that you’ve built a good base of support, it’s time to send out general email appeals to other friends, co-workers, extended family and the rest of your contacts. As you send out your general appeals, make full use of social media through My HQ or by downloading the smartphone app Fundraising with Friends, which you can use to connect your friends and family to your fundraising page through Facebook and Twitter. Let’s unite to fight PKD!